Traffiqo RTB Ad Tag Usage Policy

Traffiqo Ad Tag Usage Policy

Using ad tags on the Traffiqo platform gives advertisers increased control over the content being served, allows them to change content on the fly, or enables them to serve dynamic content based on various targeting factors. At the same time, Traffiqo has a responsibility to its partners to maintain the quality of ads passed through the system – a responsibility we take very seriously.

If we grant you ad tag permission, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have read, and clearly understand, Traffiqo’s Terms of Use, Traffiqo’s Creative Policy, and the Traffiqo Ad Tag Usage Policy.  If you fail to comply with any of these, at any time, we may revoke your ad tag permission and suspend or terminate your account.

IMPORTANT: You must ensure that everyone in your organization with ad tag access has read and understands the below requirements. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in loss of ad tag permission and suspension or termination of your account.

General Rules

  1. Page-redirects, page-takeovers and automatic expandables are expressly prohibited.
  2. Malware, viruses, automatic installations, trojan horses or any kind of automatic software download/installation are expressly prohibited. In addition to revoking your ad tag permission and suspending or terminating your account, Traffiqo may report any such activities to the authorities, and pursue other legal action.
  3. Once ad tags have been approved, creatives may not be changed from those used during the initial approval. If new creatives need to be added, the old ad tag should be archived and re-added as a new ad tag so that it is re-submitted for approval.
  4. The “Destination Click URL” entered when building your campaign must reflect the landing page URL that your ad tags will redirect to. This URL will not be used as the actual click link, however you are required to declare the landing page URL in this field.
  5. All creatives in an ad tag must point to the same landing page and all ad tags in the same campaign must point to the same landing page. It is not permitted to send users to multiple landing pages from the same ad tag or the same campaign. Only 1 landing page can be used for any given campaign.
  6. Once ad tags have been approved, it is not permitted to change the landing page URL from the URL that was approved. If the landing page URL needs to be changed, you must update the “Destination Click URL” in the “Campaign Basics” section. This will place your campaign back into review status so that we can review your new landing page.
  7. The click link in an ad tag MUST open in a new window. If you are not sure how to do this, consult your ad server vendor’s documentation.
  8. Cookies may only be placed on a users browser for the purpose of conversion tracking. Using cookies for the purpose of retargeting, profiling, segmenting or collecting any other data will result in immediate removal of ad tag privileges. If you are unsure of how your ad serving technology uses cookies and data, please consult the technology vendor before using ad tags on Traffiqo RTB.
  9. All other Traffiqo ad policies must be obeyed while using ad tags. This includes banned content types, creative guidelines and publisher guidelines.

Banned Creative and Content Types

The following is an outline of creative and content types that are expressly prohibited on the Traffiqo platform:

Adult/Provocative Advertising

Creatives and landing pages which are adult or sexual in nature are prohibited. This includes any promotion of pornography, or sexually related toys, games, books, websites, products, etc.

“Provocative ads” are those which contain messages of a sexual nature, or depict people in a sexually-suggestive manner. This includes ads showing people wearing revealing clothing, ads showing people in sexually suggestive body positions, ads with sexually suggestive text, or ads which may otherwise be inappropriate for younger and more conservative audiences. All such ads are prohibited.

Malware / Spyware / Viruses

The proliferation and distribution of malicious software or code is something that Traffiqo takes very seriously. Any attempts to distribute mal-ware, viruses, automatic installations, trojan horses or any kind of automatic software download/installation is absolutely not permitted and is illegal. Any attempt to distribute this type of content will result in loss of all Traffiqo account privileges.

Misleading or Inaccurate Advertising

Creatives or content that misleads or deceives users in any way is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: fake chat boxes, fake download/play buttons, images that mimic the user’s operating system (Windows Box), images that warn the user of a local system malfunction (System Warning), ads that mimic the look or user interface of any common software application, ads that appear to be a message from the publisher or application where the ads are displayed, ads that make use of misappropriated logos, or any content that is not clearly an advertisement.

Sensitive Content Types

The following content types are permitted on the Traffiqo platform but are considered to be sensitive. This means that many of our publishers will block these types of advertising and Traffiqo needs to be fully aware if your ad tags are going to serve any of the following ad types. Placing one of the below content types into rotation via ad tags, without Traffiqo ’s explicit prior knowledge, will result in the loss of ad tag privileges and can possibly result in a loss of Traffiqo account privileges. Our best recommendation: If you are serving any of the below content types, make them the ONLY content type served in a particular tag; this will eliminate the possibility that Traffiqo does not see these ads when reviewing your ad tags.

  • Non-Branded Ads & Campaigns
  • Borderless Ads
  • Audio Ads (whether automatic or user-initiated)
  • Expandable Ads (whether automatic or user-initiated)
  • In-Banner Video Ads (whether automatic or user-initiated)
  • Restricted Categories: Gambling, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
  • Shaking, Flashing, Flickering or Extreme Animation
  • Dating & Social Networking

Acceptance and Agreement

The above policies and agreements are in addition to, and not in substitution of  Traffiqo's Terms of Use,  
By agreeing to the Traffiqo Ad Tag Usage Agreement, you also agree toTraffiqo’s Terms of Use